In today’s age of competition and rivalry values are eroding. There is a total decadence in social and moral values. What is taught in school leaves a deep impression in the tender minds. Thus moral education is vital and cannot be over rated. Teaching of moral values in Shri-International School is not restricted to “Moral Science” class or “Value Education” period. Whether it is English, Science or even Math, moral values are integrated into the lessons. The student inculcates the values of kindness, being helpful, fair and polite while learning grammar or recycling.Discerning the difference between right and wrong is of vital importance to children of present day. So whether it is story-telling, puppet shows, conversation classes, the emphasis is on the ‘Moral of the Story’

Children participate in an open discussion and share their views. The moral is re instated many times to form a core virtue of the student.
In Theatre classes, topics in Math, such as time and money are made easy to comprehend through interesting activities, but the real essence of the lesson is the value of time and how much importance should be given to money. The answers elicited from the students are both endearing and thought provoking.