1. The use of school transport is obligatory. A fleet of modern vehicles is run by transport operators duly authorized by the School. Each vehicle has an escort and is in constant touch with a supervisor present on the School premises throughout the day. The supervisor may be contacted whenever required during school hours.
  2. Monthly bus fee payable for the scheduled route/routes will be notified by the School authorities from time to time.
  3. The bus fee is payable for all the 12 months of a year (Payable quarterly in Indian Rupees).The amount is payable along with School fees on a quarterly basis. Class X and XII pupils availing of school transport will have to pay fees for the entire academic year even if he/she stops availing of such service before the end of the academic year.
  4. Pupil will be dropped only at the predetermined alighting point.
  5. A guardian cannot personally collect a pupil availing of school transport except in an emergency. In such a case, a request should be made in writing to the Principal to permit the guardian concerned to personally collect his/her ward from the School on the concerned day. However, no pupil will be handed over to an escort unless the relevant ID Card is produced.
  6. Badges will be given to Nursery I to Class II pupils availing of school transport for the purpose of identification. Guardians must make sure that their wards wear bus badges while travelling by school transport and attending school.
  7. Any loss of a bus badge should be reported to the School Office immediately and a new one obtained on payment of 30/- (Rupees thirty only).
  8. For Nursery I pupils, smaller vehicles are used, boarding and alighting points will be fixed accordingly. However, from Nursery II onwards, boarding and alighting points will be fixed according to the route followed by the concerned bus and need not necessarily be the location/point desired by the guardian or the route followed by the smaller vehicles.
  9. Pupils must not throw objects of any kind at the School bus or out of the windows of the bus. They must not put their hands or heads out of the windows of a bus.
  10. The scheduled boarding time is available with the Transport-in-Charge at the School Office.
  11. The buses will not wait for latecomers.
  12. Pupil(s) should be at the boarding point at least five minutes before the scheduled boarding time.
  13. A guardian will be required to compensate the School for any damage or loss caused by a pupil while availing of the School bus.
  14. The School shall not be responsible if a pupil suffers any injury by disregarding these instructions.
  15. The School reserves the right to introduce new routes or modify the existing ones.
  16. After classes are over for the day, children take a considerable time in coming down and boarding their respective vehicles. No vehicle can, therefore, begin its return trip immediately after the School is over. During the monsoon season, buses may take even longer time to leave the School premises.
  17. The Administrative Officer/Transport-in-Charge should be contacted in case of any difficulty.