The Middle School comprises grade VI to VII and is not only a transition stage in the learners academic life, but also ensures that the students have a smooth transition from middle to senior school. The curriculum widens to include subjects like History, Geography, Sciences, English, Hindi,French and Mathematics
The Middle School curriculum aims at developing critical thinking. At Shri-G we believe that children must receive a thorough grounding of whatever concepts they learn and this learning has to be integrated with life with the motto being “maximum growth for each learner”. We have a self designed curriculum which has evolved after years of research and expertise. At Shri-G, the programme of study followed and designed for the middle school takes into consideration the expectations at entrance level for high school. The program of the study followed at this level is also termed as futuristic learning and involves: Thorough grounding, Development of critical thinking, Team skills, Effective communication through various activities such as Power Point Presentations, Debates, Elocution and Group Discussions.

  • Field trips
  • Laboratory works
  • Research projects
  • Audio visual media
  • Power Point presentations
  • Industry
  • School Interface
  • Smart board Facility
  • Novel Reading
  • News Paper Reading
  • Magazine reading