Elementary education is the basis for the child’s successful future. Our child-centred approach is designed using the best global practices and has a holistic approach to learning. The Elementary School comprises Grade I to V, and follows the model of experiential learning and inter-disciplinary approach to study and learning. The curriculum that has been designed for Grade I to V gives a wide scope for the children to explore their interest and develop abilities to promote creativity, curiosity, determination, independence, self reliance, tolerance and team work. These qualities enable them to excel in all fields and learn strategies that will help them cope with varying situations in life. The curriculum tries to address the individuality of each student and doesn’t confine itself to academics. Sports and other activities are integrated to the curriculum. The curriculum widens to include subjects like Social Studies, Sciences, English,Hindi and Mathematics

  1. Stage presentations and displays
  2. Group/Panel talks
  3. Word games and language quiz
  4. Site visits
  5. Learning through art and craft
  6. Social etiquette
  7. E-Learning
  8. Smart Board Facility
  9. Novel Reading
  10. News Paper Reading