1. For promotions, a candidate is required to have obtained at least 33% marks in five subjects including English on the cumulative average and a minimum attendance of 75% of the working days. No other criteria will be used for promotion from Class IX to Class X. Promotion from Class IX to Class X ; on Re-examination or Awarding of Grace marks will not be accepted by the Council.
  2. Any student, who fails to secure 33 % marks in a major subject but secures 33 % marks in aggregate will be treated as a compartmental candidate provided that the maximum number of subjects, he/she fails to qualify is not more than one.
  3. A compartmental candidate must secure pass mark in the compartmental test (in one attempt only) which will be held as per the schedule to be decided by the school on the date of result declaration of Annual Examination. Failing which, he / she will repeat in the same class.