Morning assembly is another enjoyable event that takes place in the playground. At Shri-G it is another platform, another opportunity to perform, show case talent and learn various important ideals, thoughts and concepts. Topics range from live fairs, dances of the world, music of India, emotions, fitness, environment awareness, etc. Beginning with the prayer followed by news reading by children the assembly gives an opportunity for the children who are pre-trained by teachers in different topics, role play, singing and dancing. Each assembly is conducted in a unique manner and the essence of the topics is well presented by the children. This helps them to be confident in their effort, address the gathering and overcome stage fear.

A lot of thought and work goes into preparing charts, props and music, and training children the week through to put up an outstanding event.

Children’s unique talents if any such as music, games, sports, literary events etc. are exhibited, birthdays are celebrated, achievers in any area are encouraged and appreciated here and it ends with National Anthem before they proceed to their academic classes.
Whenever the class does not have a general assembly, the class teachers will conduct Prayer, Pledge, introduce a new word, new thought for the day and explain these to children in their respective classrooms.