Education is just not merely passing the course or class but it is about realizing that God is the core of everything in us. As Aristotle quotes, “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”. Heart is the seat of virtues. True education aims at noble qualities in students like enthusiasm, courage, devotion, dedication, fearlessness, brilliance, strength and selfless service. Our heart, thoughts, words and actions should go hand in hand.

But unfortunately, the current educational system does not have education with morals and spiritual basis which is creating a great harm to the society. The current system has drawn morality and spirituality out and aims in training students to gain knowledge and skills only to compete and self consume in the global market. A rapid growth in the global economy, erosion of values around the world, rapid commercialization in present educational system takes us to the materialistic world.

When the focus is only on the intellectual aspect of human personality, neglecting the body and the spirit it is about to create an unbalanced personality and unfortunately today the whole world is witnessing such incidents.

Our main focus lies in inculcating the spiritual and moral values in students through various assemblies, value meetings, prayers and pooja to name a few.