To promote and encourage the competitive spirit among students, Competitions in various skills like

  • Voca-boom- Students’ vocabulary is tested through quizzes
  • Group/Solo Singing- Students sing classical, non classical and English songs.
  • Music and Dance- Art is what to go beyond nature’s confinements, creating self-designed world and just getting lost into ecstasy. Musical instruments like Harmonium, Tabla, Dhol, and Keyboard are taught by experts
  • Art and Craft- Students make various items to express their emotions and also create items using waste materials.
  • Essay Writing- Students write essays on varied range of given topics.
  • Elocution- Students speak on varied range of given topics.
  • Handwriting- Students practice writing different strokes
  • Dramatics- Students are prepared for English and Hindi Drama
  • Psalms- In order to nurture the spiritual element students sing psalms.
  • La Narrasio- Students learn the art of narration.
  • Spell-Bee- The students strengthen their spellings.
  • Creative Writing- Students learn the art of writing creatively.
  • Olympiads
  • Quizzes
  • And many more…


To promote the vital issue of soft skills, the debate, panel discussions and group discussions, are timely organized on certain topics