Shri G believes in imparting an educational experience i.e.. world class in every respect and which prepares children for global citizenship. We are a school with an Indian soul & mind. Here the curriculum we follow focuses on all directions.

“Empowering Education: For better Tomorrow”

Kindergarten Programme: If children are motivated during the formative years of learning to think beyond what they are taught, they discover a new dimension of learning. In Shri G the curriculum aims to explore interests, promote creativity, curiosity, determination & independence among children. The main objective at this level is to facilitate students to express themselves through a wide range of performing & visual art activities.



Primary School  Programme : The school focuses on learning of basic academic skills & concepts in various subjects. Apart from the scholastic programme, a well- structured programme is developed to promote artistic, linguistic ,health, wellness & emotional development of students. Art, drama & public speaking are important components of the programme. The core subjects are emphasised & the curriculum is enriched with a trans disciplinary process that prepares young students to be self-confident. The wide range of curricular & co-curricular opportunities offered helps instill in children confidence & discipline. Field trips, projects and presentations provide experimental learning opportunities



Middle School Programme: It is structured to meet children’s varied intellectual and development needs. The programme aims at developing skills related to writing, reflecting, critical thinking, public speaking, fostering initiative among students and a desire to acquire knowledge. Projects showcases the knowledge and skills acquired by students in various subjects, and serves as a concrete step towards developing inter disciplinary approaches in later years. Field trips and excursions aid in developing social skills and in raising awareness about the world.