We believe that education is for originating a great human being, man-made nation-building and promoting a peaceful world. The powerful character development with academic excellence is built here up to the highest level of humanity. Our academic curriculums are designed for the children/learners by our highly experienced teachers/facilitators to be responsible 21st-century global citizens and lifelong learners.

At Shri-G, our academics and curriculum are mainly based on the holistic blend of the framework and principles of ancient and transformational Gurukul Value System-Gyan, Sushiksha and Brahmagyan.
1. Gyan- Modern Education
2. Sushikha- Traditional Education
3. Brahmagyan- Spiritual Education

We have a vision of integrating ancient wisdom with modern technology so we provide the current 21st-century education with the ancient Gurukul Value System.
With implementing all these principles at Shri-G, we mainly focus on core values such as discipline, human values, general etiquette, self-reliability, sense of creativity, appreciation and love for nature and understanding the power of prayer.
All such exemplary practices are perfectly blended with the valuable present-day education at our Gurukul.